For a long time, Cyprus has held a number of attractions for holiday makers and British retirees alike. The sedate and countryside lifestyle, warm climate and beautiful beaches make it a very ideal location for those who seek a peaceful pace of life. Plenty of nature walks, facilities of mountain trekking, diving and sailing facilities for nature lovers and water ... Read More »


Bangladesh is the land of natural wonders, green countryside, colorful cultural life and Serpentine River. It is undoubtedly, a dream destination for any tourist as it has a few mind-boggling sites to die for. That is the main reason why travel destinations in Bangladesh have always been creating much fuss around the globe. Beautiful tourist spots, hospitable people, and rich ... Read More »


A remarkable country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is known to be a brave and strong country after the wars this land had experienced. It is positioned in the easternmost part of the Indochina region and is bounded by China on the north, Laos, and Cambodia on the west, on the northern and southern part respectively. At east, the South China ... Read More »


The Portuguese explorers did this country some justice when they formerly named the land “Formosa” meaning beautiful as they came across the island in the western part of the vast Pacific Ocean. Presently called Taiwan, the beautiful island looks relatively small compared to its neighboring countries namely mainland China in the north-west, Japan in the north-east and the Philippine Archipelago ... Read More »


Make way for another Asian paradise located in the Indian Ocean and southwest of Sri Lanka. This country is popular for its beaches and perfectly blue waters. For over the years, Maldives has become one of the prime destinations for those who want to take a break from the busy metro. It is composed of a group of islands in ... Read More »


This place is one of the richest in terms of preservation of culture, because of its loyal and honest people living here. This country surpassed most Asian nations in terms of economy in just about 50 years. This fact truly proves that the Japanese are people that love their country and are willing to die for their cause. But recently, ... Read More »


This country located east of Jordan is one of the places that tourist goes because of its significance in Christianity. Millions of tourists and pilgrims come to this place to visit the holy places that are believed to be part of Christianity. One of the most famous cities in Israel is Nazareth in which the son of God, Jesus Christ ... Read More »


Located at the core of South-East Asia, the Kingdom of Thailand boasts a rich and colorful heritage that is displayed in their distinct culture, exotic food, unique language and most of all, in their natural resources. The varied terrain of this tropical country is bounded and culturally-influenced by their neighboring nations: Myanmar and Laos in the North, Cambodia in the ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia

Situated in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has a lot of things to offer. Despite the tension in neighboring countries, this Islamic land is on its way to progress by utilizing its natural resources like minerals and oils. Saudi Arabia is the largest state in the Middle East covering 80% of the Arabian Peninsula and it is bordered by Islamic ... Read More »


This country located South East of the Pacific Ocean, is known for its natural wonders and its diverse species that are endemic on the country only. Because of the archipelago formation of the Philippines, island on this country has different culture and tradition and is rich in species diversity which includes natural structures that made its name the “Pearl of ... Read More »