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This country located South East of the Pacific Ocean, is known for its natural wonders and its diverse species that are endemic on the country only. Because of the archipelago formation of the Philippines, island on this country has different culture and tradition and is rich in species diversity which includes natural structures that made its name the “Pearl of ... Read More »

White Beach Boracay

White Beach Boracay is an island in the Philippines that was once home to a tribe called the ati. It is the second best beach in the world and this can be made certain by the numerous awards it has worn as a traveler’s choice. It is located in the Philippines south of Manila. The White Beach Boracay is a ... Read More »

Manila Bay

Manila Bay Sunset is generally taken in the class of the best natural harbors in not only Asia but the world in whole general. The bay has a total area of 1,964 kilometers squared and a coastline that is about 190 kilometers. The entrance of Manila bay sunset is 19 kilometers and has a width of 448 kilometers. The Bay ... Read More »


Camiguin is an island-province of Northern Mindanao in Philippines is the home to a pear-shaped volcano and spreads over an area of 29,187 hectares. The island is bounded by Bohol Sea at its north end while Macajalar Bay passes through its western side. The island serves as a marvelous getaway not only to seven volcanoes but also to blossoming jungle, ... Read More »