Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls is a prominent waterfall and a major tourist attraction of Philippines. Only 92 km from the capital city of Manila, the amazing waterfall is situated in the Laguna province of Philippines and its natural beauty draws in numerous vacationers from all around making it a premiere tourist destination of the country. The native name of Pagsanjan Fallls is Magdapio Falls. The travelers reach the enchanting Pagsanjan falls by one hour river trip using the local banka’s that are paddled by boatmen.

In 1939, the Pagsanjan falls with its neighboring gorge were acknowledged as National Park and named as Pagsanjan Gorge National Park which now stretches to an area of about 152.64 hectares. The falls acts as a natural swimming pool because the water is crystal clear and ideal for swimmer as they will really enjoy diving in the cold and calm waters to their heart’s content.

You can visit the Pagsanjan falls at any time of the year, but you can opt to choose the wet season of August and September for your trip if you want to gain a thrilling experience. These rapids become even more exciting during this time of the year. You are highly recommended to stop at the Pagsanjan town overnight and come to the falls early in the morning.

You would love to participate in the various adventures during your Pagsanjan falls trip such as boat riding, diving and visiting various tour spots like Talahib Falls, situated before the main fall during your upstream boat ride and the Devil’s Cave that lies at the back the Pagsanjan falls.