This country located South East of the Pacific Ocean, is known for its natural wonders and its diverse species that are endemic on the country only. Because of the archipelago formation of the Philippines, island on this country has different culture and tradition and is rich in species diversity which includes natural structures that made its name the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”. In this article you will know some of the natural wonders of the Philippines and its location. This is one of the must-see places if ever you are looking for relaxation and comfort with nature.

Maria Cristina Waterfalls
The Philippines is a country that has a lot of water bodies in every region. Particularly in Mindanao, a small chartered city named Iligan is famous for the numerous waterfalls it possesses. Termed as the capital of Majestic Waterfalls in the Philippines, it has 23 waterfalls residing in this humble place. The most prominent of this is the Maria Cristina Falls. This is the ending of the Agus River, has 320 feet of height that makes a perfect source of hydroelectric energy. This falls is supplying electricity to 70% of Mindanao every day. Aside from its economic importance, this majestic falls is home of a lot of animals – monkeys, butterflies, snakes; and a lot of flora relying on the moist environment that this waterfall produces.

Chocolate Hills
With the name itself, these hills found in Bohol is one of the many tourist spots in the Philippines. The chocolate color of the hills is actually the grasses that turn brown during dry season. A lot of legends have been associated to the formation of these beautiful mounds, one of which are the story of two giants throwing rocks at each other for days and after they grew tired, made peace and just left. Those who are searching for the largest chocolate in the world can find them here in Bohol. Sometimes tourist calls these mounds of chocolates as giant kisses.

Tubbataha Reef
This oriental country is a place not only for land animals but also for those who live underwater. The Tubbataha Reef is a place for a lot of species of fishes, sharks, and marine plants that lives interdependently for their survival. This is the second largest coral reef in the Philippines and it has been declared as a national marine park in 1988. And today foreigners and locals travel to this place in search of a satisfying break from their busy life. Even biologists come to this place to study the diverse marine species that are only found in the country. Deep sea diving is one of the famous activities one can do in this place.

Mayon Volcano
Known for its near-perfect cone shape, the Mayon Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the country. It is located in Legaspi, it has proved its power with the bell tower which is the only remnant of the church that was destroyed by the eruption of this volcano. However, this volcano has become quiet and it has made way for climbers to trek the volcano for hobby or for research purposes.

The Hundred Islands
One of the evidence that proves the old age of the Philippines, the hundred islands is a showcase of 123 islands that is made up of corals that existed for millions of years and has formed an island. Situated in Alaminos City in Pangasinan, it is the famous nature spot and only 3 of these islands has been named and developed for tourism purposes. This place is also home for a number of flora and faunas in which some are endemic in the area.