Singapore is a country where the tourism industry is steadily growing with the fastest pace because people from all across the globe have been showing great interest in visiting this beautiful country. Singapore, rich in color and contrast, has many wondrous places of tourist’s attractions, mostly natural wonders. This place is simply beautiful, worth to be admired, as here you are sure to find sleek skyscrapers to serene gardens. The country which has the finest infrastructure also has attractive beaches and many other places of amusement.

Labrador Nature Reserve
The Labrador Nature Reserve, which is an oasis of natural wonders and tranquility, is one of the Singapore’s nature reserves that boast of having the best views of the sea. At the park here, you can get a spectacular panoramic view of the sea as well as of the cliff side vegetation. The park also provides the one and only rocky sea-cliff situated on the main island of Singapore. You are sure to be charmed by the songs of a wide variety of bird species, including the black-necked oriole and the oriental magpie-robin.

Sentosa Island
A trip to the country of Singapore will be incomplete without a stopover at the Sentosa Island which is famous for its lovely sandy beaches, orchid gardens and a dolphin lagoon. Sentosa Island was once known by the name Pulau Belakang Mati, meaning “Island of Death from Behind” in Malay. Sentosa covers an area of 5 kilometers square and is situated at 0.5 km from the southern tip of the main island of Singapore. Secondary rainforest covers almost 70% of this island. Sentosa is an active habitat of monkeys, monitor lizard, parrots, peacocks, and many other native fauna and flora. It has a long beach stretching almost 3.2 km.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
This nature reserve at Singapore has a peculiar and unique line of rainforests, which is undoubtedly, a surprising gift to the visitors. It is mainly popular for the exclusively wide rainforest enclosed here. The unique feature about this reserve at Singapore is the fact that it encompasses more kinds of trees than even the whole continent of North America. Here, the chirping of insects, the humming of birds and the chattering of monkeys inspire the tourists beyond their expectations. Moreover the flying lemurs, squirrels, and also the plant varieties, especially Pitcher plant that are rarely found elsewhere, are admirable.

Night Safari
With a vast coverage of 40 hectares of thick and lush green forestry, the landscaped gardens are refuge to around 130 different animal species, which adds up to a total population of 1000 and above. When you wander through the constructed paths and boardwalks, the Night Safari brings an opportunity for you to travel through different landscaped enclosures having barriers that are virtually unseen by the visitors. This moonlit background is amazingly perfect as animals such as the Vultures, Himalyan Tahr, Bharal, the Asian Rhino, the striped Hyena, sloth bear and wolves go about their night, completely unaware of our presence, making it a true memorable experience.

Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park is yet another top-notch natural wonder in Singapore, since it has become home to a vast collection of about 8,000 birds from 600 species. There is also a multitude of endangered and exotic Southeast Asian breeds, which include Flamingos, Toucans, Pelicans, Penguins, and many more.

Singapore, a small Asian country situated in the south-eastern part of the continent, is a dynamic city, attracting millions of nature lovers and tourists from all across the globe. Singapore’s tourism industry is undoubtedly growing with the fastest pace because people from all around the world are rushing to take a glimpse of this beautiful country with so many natural wonders.