Tea Plantation of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is called the tea country and is the most wonderful country with tropical waterfalls dripping to the unending gorges, and the traveler love to view the rustic splendor and the rolling hills where the tea plantation is located. The island country is the hub of the best tea plantations of the globe. Popularly known as the Celon tea or the so called Black tea, the tea plantation is concentrated in the rolling hills of Sri Lanka. It is believed that the British selected the hilly region for plantation of tea as they were naturally designed and ideal for such plantation. From the past century Ceylon Tea earned reputation from being the finest and aromatic tea in the globe.
Some of the highly occupied tea-producing Tea-Growing regions of Sri Lanka are as follows:

• Galle situated in the southern part of the island
• Kandy, located at an elevation of 2,500 feet above the sea level near the capital
• Nuwara Eliya, at an altitude of 2 6,000 feet above the sea level and considered to be the highest teas producing area
• Dimbulla, situated at the western side of the central mountains at an altitude of about 3,500 feet
• And Uva which is located near the eastern side of Dimbulla at 2,800 feet above the sea level.

Teas grown on the highest region of Sri Lanka are called the ‘champagne’ of Tea of Ceylon. Till the year 1971, about 80 percent of the tea estates of were possess and administered by British companies. But the government of Sri Lankan introduced Land Reform Act and various restructured programs to transfer the control of these estates if not all under the ownership of the Sri Lanka government.