Natural Wonders of Asia

Natural Wonders of Asia is an educational endeavor and part of the Natural Wonders Network.  The natural wonders network is a comprehensive effort leveraging online communities and networks to engage the global community with amazing natural attractions available across the continent of Asia.

The mission of the Natural Wonders of Asia is to motivate the global community to Discover, Explore, and Learn about the wonders of nature found across Asia.  Asia is the largest continent with one of the most diverse collection of natural habitats.  The continent has some of the most barren deserts, highest mountain ranges, and some of the densest jungles

It is our privilege to bring you the insights and imagery to help you discover, explore and learn more about this spectacular continent.  We are confident that as you learn about Asia, you will not be able to refrain from falling in love with its exotic wonders of nature.  Similarly, we are confident that as the passion develops for Asia’s wilderness and nature attractions, you will develop a commitment to care and protect her natural wonders.


Natural Wonders Network

The mission of the Natural Wonders Network is to create a philosophy and practice of conservationism by exposing the community to the wonders of nature around the world.

The network is open to collaborating with those who are committed to protecting nature and wildlife, fostering ecotourism, and promoting conservation efforts.

The network is not an official organization and there are no ties between the organizations represented.  The purpose of the network is to help you find organizations that are committed to protecting the natural world we call home.  Below you will find access to the other continents or regions of the world.

Natural Wonders of Asia

Discovering and Exploring Asia

Asia is a continent rich in history, exotic cultures, and diverse cuisines.  It is often these facets that most people think of first when the idea of “Asia” pops into their minds.  Yes, Asia is a wealthy continent when an array and abundance of those cultural experiences and delicacies.  However, the continent is also rich in wilderness, wildlife, and wonders of nature.

Mount Everest may be the “peak” attraction, however, you will be remiss if you do not explore that abundant wonders of nature that the entire continent has to offer.  Asia goes from the highest point on earth to the lowest point on earth above water.  Asia is not fare behind Africa when it comes to exotic wildlife encounters as well.

The diversity and abundance of wildlife and wilderness opportunities makes it impossible to cover everything in the natural world of Asia in one site.  You are invited to explore the sites and organizations that are committed to educating you on the natural wonders of Asia.  More importantly, you are encouraged to explore those who are committed to protecting and conserving Asia’s wonders of nature. 

Seven Natural Wonders highlights Asia’s 7 Wonders of Nature as well as the 7 Wonders of Nature from around the world.  These facets of nature represent the pinnacles of uniqueness or statistical significance that truly leaves spectators standing in awe and wonder.

UNESCO showcases the World Heritage Sites found around the world and across Asia.  World Heritage Sites may be historical achievements of mankind, natural wonders, or sites that intertwine the achievements of mankind into the splendor of natural landscapes. 

Global Alliance of National Parks educates the world on the majestic facets of nature protected in the world’s national parks.  Exploring the national parks found throughout Asia is one of the best ways to discover the abundance and diversity of nature the continent has to offer.

Conservation International is a nonprofit with conservation efforts going on around the world.  Discover what they are doing to protect the natural wonders of Asia.