East Asia

East Asia, sometimes referred to as the Far East, represents the Pacific Ocean side of Asia. The region is known for its exotic and colorful culture, however, it should also be known for the diverse and abundant natural wonders.

You are invited to come and discover, explore, and learn more about the natural wonders of East Asia.  

China Natural Wonders


China features the most national parks of any Asian country.  Come explore.

Japan Natural Wonders


The exotic culture of Japan is only enhanced by its wonders of nature.

Mongolia Natural Wonders


This arid country still delivers when it comes to wilderness exploration.

South Korea Natural Wonders

South Korea

Mountains, waterfalls, jungles, islands and more, we have it all to explore.

Taiwan Natural Wonders


Our mountains, gorges, lakes and more are here to deliver outdoor adventures.

Vietnam Natural Wonders


Ha Long Bay is just the tip of the natural wonder paradise here for you.