Erawan Falls

Erawan Falls is one of the major attractions of the Erawan National Park which is located in Kanchanaburi Province of Thailand. Erawan National Park is the twelfth park of the country and spreads over 550-square-kilometer in western part of Thailand. Erawan Falls got its name from the ‘Erawan’, the holy three-headed white elephant referred in Hindu mythology. As the name indicates, the fall has seven-tiers that drop down about 1,500m before touching the surface waters of the pool below. It is said to be the most striking natural scenery of the country.

During your visit to this cascading turquoise water fall that is encircled by dense forest mostly of bamboo groves, you will be able to walk to each level of the blue waterfall up the cliff easily to reach the topmost point of the fall. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear pools of the falls but don’t get scared when tickled by harmless fish residing permanently in the pools that can make less comforting swim but you will surely get an enlivening experience.

The beautiful 7 tiered Erawan Falls cascades stretches out in the lush mountainside setting just in the heart of the National Park which is the home to diverse wildlife. It is a must visit place during your trip to Thailand as you will never forget the breath taking sight of those 7 waterfalls in string bouldering down from vertical hills. The stones found beneath the pool waters are of soft texture, warm and provides friction and never let you slip unless your feet falls on those slimy algae or water plants. Travelers seldom return from this place without climbing on any of the seven waterfalls in the Erawan National Park.