Huangguoshu Falls

The Huangguoshu Falls is also known as the Yellow Fruit Tree Falls. The waterfall has a total height of 255 feet, an elevation of 2,966 feet, a total width of 331 feet, and an average flow rate of 18.2 L/s km2. Its water course is the Baihe River, located in Ansun, Guizhou Province about 28 miles southwest of Anshun city. The main fall has a a height of 220 feet and is 273 feet wide.

The Huangguoshu Falls is situated on the Huangguoshu waterfall national Park. Coupled with the myriad minor waterfalls, it is a very popular natural tourist attraction. The falls vista varies depending on where the viewer is standing from. There are a couple of elevations that are used as vantage or rather viewing points. The Waterfall-Viewing pavilion also known as Guan Bao ting offers a full view of the waterfall but a long distance. The Water-Viewing Stage also known as the Guan Bao Ting enables one to catch a glimpse of the fall from a bird’s eye view. The third stage is the Waterfall-Viewing stage also known as Guan Bao Tai in which you need to raise your head to vie to spectacular waterfall.

Traveling is not a problem due to the availability of a special bus line operating on the Huangguoshu Falls, the Ansun railway stations and the Dragon’s palace. Due to the highly developed infrastructure, the falls can be assessed during any time of the year.
The other main attraction on the Huangguoshu Falls is the water curtain cave. It is also known as the Shuiliandong in Chinese and is about 440 feet long. It is a cave that has formed naturally on the back of the Huangguoshu waterfalls.