Inle Lake

Inle Lake of Myanmar is a magnificent highlight of the country. The freshwater lake is situated in the central highlands of Shan Hills and is the second largest lake of the country. The lake covers the surface area of 116 square kilometers and is about 11 kilometers wide.

Being one of the major tourist attractions of Myanmar, the government has worked for tourist infrastructure development so that the travelers readily get hotels and other tour operations easily. Heho, the gateway city to this beautiful lake of the Shan mountains is about 35 km away. This city is well connecting by flight to the capital city of Yangon. The deepest point of the tranquil lake is 12 feet and the average water depth is about 7 feet in the dry season. But during the rainy months, the level rises by 5 feet or more.
The main attraction of this lake is the hot spring that lies on its shore towards the northwest. The lake drains off in its southern end through the Nam Pilu.

If you want to visit lnle Lake, it recommended that you plan your trip during the Phaung Daw U festival or in the winter months of November and December as during this season, you will be amazed to catch a glimpse of the panoramic beauty of the blue mountains around and the lovely water lilies blossoming in the lake.

Just after the Paung Daw U festival, Thadingyut festival of lights follows and the people of the region put on their best clothes for celebrating the Buddhist Lent. You will get the opportunity to see the leg-rowers participating in the traditional boat race in a team and all wear the typical Shan dress to celebrate the festival.