This country located east of Jordan is one of the places that tourist goes because of its significance in Christianity. Millions of tourists and pilgrims come to this place to visit the holy places that are believed to be part of Christianity. One of the most famous cities in Israel is Nazareth in which the son of God, Jesus Christ was born and spread the religion throughout the world. Jerusalem is also one of the oldest and the largest city in Israel that symbolizes not only Christianity but also Islam and Judaism. Aside from the historic and holy cities that this country holds, it is also a place that promotes their natural wonders that are found in any part of Israel. Here are some of these wonders.

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Dead Sea
This is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and the lowest place on this planet having about 400 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea is actually a lake and it has been named so because of the inability of the waters to accommodate living things because of the extreme concentration of salt and other minerals. This place is being visited almost throughout the year because of the unique feature that the lake has, specifically its ability to let people float easily in the waters. It is also believed that this lake contains a therapeutic value that heals certain illness or disorder in the skin. Aside from the health effects that the Dead Sea provides, this lake is also a vital place for the pilgrims to visit.

Mount Carmel
This is a coastal mountain range that extends from the Mediterranean Sea going southeast. The word Carmel relates to “fertile” for its rich thick soil and the abundance of vegetation. The caves found in this mountain show some ancient man who was believed to age back from the Neanderthal age such as Tabun I, a female fossil. This is also an important place that made a role in Catholic belief. The Bible tells a story of the prophet Elijah fighting against the evil Baal that corrupted Israel at that time, and it was told that the event happened in Mount Carmel.

Ein Avdat National Park
This is a rock formation found in the Negev Highlands, in the lower part of Sdeh Boker kibbutz. And it has springs that fall towards a number of waterfalls which is a fascinating view for tourists that visit the country of Israel. Prehistoric items are found here that ages back 4.3 million years ago. The Ein Acdat National Park covers the canyons and the waterfalls that the tourists can enjoy with its exhilarating scenic view and various flora and fauna that reside in the park. Italy does not only possess historical and cultural places but also is a place for wildlife and wonders of nature.

Judean Desert
The desert comes with a different name including the desert of Judah, Jeshimon, Midbar Yehuda, Wilderness of Judaea and Wilderness of Judah. This desert has a lot of wadis or a dry valley that a river once resided, and the largest of these is the Nahal Darga which is 27 miles in length. This desert was also home for a lot of monks in the Byzantine Period and these monks established thousands of monasteries for their place. Animals also live in this desert such as the camels that serve as their main transportation in venturing the hot desert.

Ramon Crater
In the Negev Highlands, there are three major craters that are found there and the biggest among this three is the Ramon Crater. It is 40 kilometers long and has a width of about 5 kilometers. The wide scenery of this place makes it one great place for visitors that come to Israel that wants to experience the wonders of nature.

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