Longsheng Rice Terrace

Longsheng, one of the primitive counties of southern China is located in north-east Guangxi and is a home to stunning rice terraced fields that spirals the mountainous region of the county. These terraced rice fields of China are more than 700 years old and also known as Longji Rice Terraces or Dragon’s Backbone. The Zhuang people are said to create such amazing fields by their own hand all the way through several generations. The spiraling rice terrace is only two hour drive from Guilin.
The well-known Longsheng China rice terraces are namely the Jinkeng rice terrace and the Ping An rice terrace. Their origin dates back to the Yuan Dynasty, the Qing dynasty and the Ming Dynasty more than 500 years ago.

The terraced rice fields’ covers an area of more than 60sqkm on the southeast side of Longsheng and you will find their slope stretching in a zigzag fashion from the riverside to those mountaintops. The highest elevation point of Longsheng rice terrace is about 885m while the lowest ones are 380m. It is amazing scenery to look at as the terraces as it spirals up right from the foot of the mountain towards the top and it appears somewhat like a huge snail from a distance.

The best times to visit these Longsheng rice terrace is during spring when the amazingly beautiful rice terraces are overflowing with water. The major tourist attractions of these rice terraces are the magnificent sunrise view on the summit of Jinkeng Rice Terrace and trekking just about the popular view points of the region where the travelers will be able to enjoy diverse views of the marvelous scenery.

The admission fee to Ping’an and Jinkeng rice terrace is only Y50 and taken when a traveler drives from Longsheng city to the main terraces.