Manila Bay

Manila Bay Sunset is generally taken in the class of the best natural harbors in not only Asia but the world in whole general. The bay has a total area of 1,964 kilometers squared and a coastline that is about 190 kilometers. The entrance of Manila bay sunset is 19 kilometers and has a width of 448 kilometers. The Bay is divided into two by the Corregidor Island. The location of the entry point is the Mariveles, Bataan province, Philippines. The opposite side of the bay boosts of volcanic peaks covered with lush tropical vegetation like Battan Peninsula.

At the entrance of manila sunset bay is a collection of small islands with the biggest being Corregidor, located 3 kilometers from Bataan which together with the Cabollo island separate the bay to south and north channels. The bay is of historical importance having been the location Manila Bay battle of 1898 which led to the Americans capturing the bay.

Manila Bay sunset is known to drain approximately 17,000 kilometers squared of watershed area. Of these, the Pampanga River contributes about 50 per cent of the fresh water influx. Manila bay sunset is also a popular commerce and industry. The expansion of populations and cities means that there is a decline in the water quality levels as well as bad for the marine life. Manila bay sunset is however famous for its nature walks and sunset viewing. The area along metro Manila is reclaimed land which boosts of important sites like the Mall of Asia and Philippine senate.