Mount Emei

Emeishan is used in reference to Mount Emei, Emeishan or the Emeishan Traps all located in china. Mount Emei as also referred to as Mount Emeishan. It is located on the Western side of the Sichuan Basin. Just on the west of Mount Emei is mountain ranges known as Daxiangking. The surrounding is around Mount Emei is known as the Permian Emeishan large igneous province that is as a result of the Emeishan traps. !996 saw the elevation of Emeishan to a UNESCO. Mount Emei makes one quarter of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of china and is referred to as the place of enlightenment. Sources say that the monasteries on Mount Emei were the birth place of a form of martial arts known as Chinese boxing.

Mount Emei has about 76 Buddhist monasteries in the era of the dynasties of Ming and Qing. The design of the ancient architecture was such that they would use the beautiful natural scenery to complement the buildings. They are arranged asymmetrically and lie between two rivers, the black and white dragon rivers respectively. It is a footpath that winds up for about 50 kilometers and will take two to three days to ascend by foot. The provision of cable cars has To Jiding’s two temples has made this an easy affair. Other attractions at Emeishan include the clouds sea and the sunrise as seen from the peak of the mountain. The cloud sea boosts of a variety of cloud phenomena while the sunrise also offers spectacular views.

The climate at Mount Emei is sub-artic climate characterized by long, cool winters and short, cool summers. The monsoon ensures that there is rainfall all year round with the most falling between June and September. This would imply that the most ideal time to visit would be anywhere between October and may.