Pangandaran refers to a sub district and a small sized town located in the southern Ciamis agency in west Java, Indonesia. This is situated in the southern coastal town of Java. The main attraction at Pangandaran is the availability of pristine beaches, renowned the world over for offering the best surfing conditions in and around Java.

The other major attraction is the kite flying festival that is usually held on July of each year at the beach. The kites are used by kite flying enthusiasts to catch bats which are used in the making of Chinese medicine as well as for eating them. There is a local myth that goes like the wearing of green garments around Pangandaran is a move that will enrage Loro Kidul. Lord Kidul is a term that refers to the guardian goddess or spirit of the southern sea though to be the bearer of misfortune.

The Pangandaran nature reserve is about 80% secondary rainforest whose flora includes the rafflesia. In the year 2006, there was an underground earthquake that resulted in a tsunami that was responsible for the carnage as far as 500 metres inland due to the magnitude of the quake which reached 7.7 on the Richter. The other attraction at Pangandaran is the watching of the sunrise and sunsets which are a spectacular site. The Pangandaran is popular with the locals who enjoy domestic tourism more so during New Year, Ramadan and long holidays. This is also the best time for one to visit the same if one wants to get the local connection. Lastly, one should not leave without participating in the annual Pangandaran international kite festival which has been held since 1985.