Taal Lake

Taal Lake is a lovely fresh water lake sited inside the main volcanic island of Luzon which is more than 60 km away towards the southeast side of the capital city of Manila, in Philippines. This lake sites inside an intricate volcanic caldera which is considered as the world’s huge volcano-tectonic depressions. In the Batangas province, the lake is sited at an elevation of about 2.5 m with its surface measuring 234.2 square km. It is said to be the second largest lake of Luzon island and third largest lake of the country where 37 tributaries are said to drain their waters here but the solitary exit is River Pansipit that joins the Balayan Bay.

You will find another tiny island in the heart of the Taal Lake which is a site of active volcano where numerous volcanic activities have taken place in the past. A lake called Crater Lake is present in the crater of the Taal Volcano which is about 20 m deep and its water is composed of sulfuric acid and other salts like boron, sodium, aluminum and magnesium.

There are numerous species of black and white venomous snakes in tall lake. You will get only a small number of snakes of such type which live in freshwater. The world’s solitary freshwater sardine, the bleniid Omobranchus ferox and the Sardinella tawilis are the inhabitant of Lake Taal as well. The specific species of fishes namely the trevally, the bull sharks, the Caranx ignobilis and Carcharhinus leucas are found in a great population in this lake.
Tourists usually cross this lake to climb up to the tip of the mountain in the Volcano Island on horseback to see the spectacular sight of the Tall Lake.