Tham Lot Cave

Tham lot is a 1666m long cave system, tambon, and village that are found in northern Thailand in Mae Hong son. The Tham lot cave is filled with stalactites and stalagmites and is home to large number of bats and swifts. The river nam flows through the cave. The Tham lot cave has some carvings like teakwood coffins are a discovery that is believed to have been from the ancient lawa tribe that lived there thousands of years ago.

Tham lot was once a dwelling place of the pre historic man, being a huge cave system, it was home to some ancient tribes. Inside the caves discoveries have been made by archaeologists that include clay pottery work, carvings as mentioned earlier like the teak wood coffin. The route to the cave is an exciting one, with small roads leading to the cave. Other attractions in the areas are like the pre historic drawings of deer’s, other caves with burial that date back to the Iron Age.

The Tham lot cave is not so far from the soppong town, but it lies in the midway of pai and Mae Hong song, and these are well known tourist destination areas in Thailand. Tham lot surrounding is inhabited by thousands of swifts that are seen in the morning and at dusk. It is also easy to watch bird species. The other tourist’s attraction is the exploration of the cave and the view of the swifts at dusk. Surrounding the Tham lot cave and Tham lot village is a forest that has rice fields and bamboo and this area also has Thai birds.