Thar Desert

The Thar Desert is also known as the Great Indian Desert lies in the northwestern side of India and covers an area of 200,000 square km or even more. The desert acquires the land of the Indian states of Rajasthan (most part of the state), Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat whereas it expends to Sind and Punjab province of Pakistan as well.

You will find gigantic rolling sand dunes, dust storms with dust-raising winds where the usual velocities of the blowing winds are 140-150 Km/hr. During the summer months, the day temperature never falls below 50 degrees centigrade with sand temperatures mounting to 70 degrees or more.

The texture of the desert soils is usually sandy-loam having rigid pan of clay, and rich in calcium carbonate, gypsum and silica. The ground level of the desert is rich in minerals like iron ore and petroleum.

The desert area is intermingled with hillock, gravel and sandy plains. The diversified habitat of the this arid region of the desert is perfect for rich vegetation and animal life where you will find twenty three species of lizard and more than twenty five snake variety, the great Indian bustard, the Indian gazelle, the black buck, and the wild ass are found here. You will catch the sight of peacocks here and there around the human habitat in this arid region.

The sight of the Camels, the ship of Desert is seen here and there and the desert safaris on camels are mostly opted by travelers to enjoy the beauty of Thar Desert. You can also get around the region in Jeep safari.