White Beach Boracay

White Beach Boracay is an island in the Philippines that was once home to a tribe called the ati. It is the second best beach in the world and this can be made certain by the numerous awards it has worn as a traveler’s choice. It is located in the Philippines south of Manila.

The White Beach Boracay is a place that has been kept guarded by the administrative control of Philippines tourism. This island was kept secret and the public knew little about its existence. However this changed when there were discoveries by travelers and movie crews, and this changed the beaches’ status from being a quiet and unknown area to one of the best beaches in the world. It ceased to be a private beach to one that is widely chosen by travelers. White Beach Boracay is a tourist destination in the Philippines attracting tourist from all over.

White Beach Boracay is a 7 km long beach with a dog bone shape and a narrow spot of about a kilometer wide. Being a tourism choice it is lined with a variety of resorts hotels and restaurants as well as lounges. The other main beach is the bulabog, which faces the east.

White Beach Boracay is said to be cool and windy with moderate temperatures with little or no rainfall. This is the description of the amihan climate which is a weather pattern in barocay. This makes it the ideal tourism season. It can also get hot, windy and humid with heavy rains once and then which is the habagat weather pattern.