Yangshuo, the well-known tourist destination of China is a county of Guilin in Guangxi Province, China. It covers an area of about 1,428.38 square kilometers and bounded by karts peaks and its one side is bordered by the Li River. The county is often visited by foreign backpackers because they consider the area to be the mountain paradise of China.
Yangshuo is a in fact a must see place for travelers planning his trip to explore China. The region has brilliant scenic beauty and site for rock climbing in the country. You will find 300 bolted routes and a whole lot of companies who offer guides and equipment for hire for interested trekkers.

Visitors to this place are often noticed swimming in the Li River to their heart’s content of trekking on one of those karst peaks or on their cycling trip on hired bicycle across the rice fields of Yangshuo or paying a visit to a good number of local caves including butterfly cave. The travelers also love to take a sightseeing trip on the Li River using bamboo raft or cruise boat and experience the scenic beauty of the region in its mountain setting.

There are a number of spots for rock climbing in the Yangshuo region and the popular crag is Moon Hill. Other crags are Low Mountain, The Egg, Twin Gates, Wine Bottle Cliff, Baby Frog, and Bamboo Grove. The most important landmark of the Yangshuo region are the Li River, the Yulong River and the Moon Hill.