Yangtze Gorges

Yangtze Gorges also known as the three gorges is a scenic region along the Yangtze River in the Hubei province in the republic of china. The region lies on a 200 km stretch and the three gorges occupy at least 120 km within the region. Yangtze Gorges is very famous; it is beautiful scenery and the region being one of great importance to both historically and culturally to the people of china. The three gorges are famous because due to the construction of a dam that is called the three gorges dam.

The three gorges dam was constructed and completed in 2008, and it is of great importance to the regions ecology and people. The construction of the three gorges dam has changed the scenery with high water levels making the river wider and mountain tend to appear lower. The scenery is still beautiful with because of the cliffs and the mountain that still towers above the dams.

The Yangtze Gorges are a tourist attraction as visitors are excited to take a river cruise to have a better view of the Yangtze Gorges. There is also an increase in river traffic from larger ships, bulk cargo ships and container barges the use the gorge due to its increased width and depth. The Yangtze Gorges can be good for sightseeing, sports, exploration, archaeology and scientific investigations. The Yangtze Gorges are home to animals and bird species, like the golden monkey and south china tiger. Others are salamander, leopard, and tufted deer.